A Perspective on Our Training

As we start the beginning of March I thought it would be a good time to chat about our purpose of the workouts at this time of year. We are in a phase I like to call “General Preparation.” You may have heard this phase called “Base” or “Aerobic Endurance.” In a periodization model, we are working from a perspective of general fitness towards specific fitness for our particular race. If that race is an Olympic distance race the training is a bit different compared to an athlete training for an Ironman. At this time of year, we are working on building all types of fitness from low aerobic fitness or zone 1-2 to high end fitness commonly referred to as zone 5. As we work at this time of year we have an eye on what the first races of the year are for each athlete as well as the races through the year that are the “A” races.

On Saturday April 16 we will host a Pool-Open Water Swim Event at the Cape Elizabeth High School Pool. For the two weeks prior to the event we switch our focus to incorporate an introduction to open water skills such as swimming in a group, contact among swimmers, sighting and drafting as well as many others. This open water skill phase will go for the next two to four weeks depending on how the athletes progress and pick up the various skills.

Following this open water skill phase we will start to work in the “Specific Preparation” phase. In this phase we look towards specific races such as the Sebago Lake Triathlon, Peaks to Portland Open Water swim, the Casco Bay Otillo and others throughout the year. In the pool, open water, bike and run we will start to make every workout focused on making every athlete ready for their competition. The goal of this phase is to get the athlete ready for that Sprint, Olympic, half-Ironman or Ironman distance triathlon. This phase will last through the summer to one of the pinnacles of our sport-Ironman Hawaii World Championships in Kona. I look forward to seeing everyone through the year!

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