Oh the seasons they are a-changin’: Winter Words of Wisdom

Stealing a line from a Bob Dylan song-if you have have been training for triathlon for most of the year the Ironman World Championships and Xterra Maui Championships mark the unofficial end of the triathlon season. So what to do now? The best way to spend the end of October to the end of December is with unstructured and unplanned training. It is easier to keep at it a bit through November & December than to take off for two months then get back into it in January or February. Depending on what you have done for training and racing through the year as well as 2016 goals will dictate the amount of time that the athlete will need to take off. Here is a general breakdown of each sport. -swimming: In our workouts at the Cape Elizabeth High School pool, we will be changing the complexity of the workouts.

  • The intervals will get slower. For example, if a lane usually swims 100 yards on 1:30, that interval will be dialed back to 1:40 or 1:45.
  • Technique work: We will do some drills in the water but there will still be a workout for each group.
  • Body tightness: By using swim toys more at this time of year we will work on putting the triathlete’s body in a good position while swimming.
  • Alignment: Through the snorkel, buoy & band triathletes will swim learning to keep their body in one straight line while moving through the water.
  • More non-freestyle strokes: Using butterfly, backstroke and breaststroke throughout the workout.
  • Education & implementation: Learning to use the pace clock, lane etiquette & getting the pace right for different distances.


  • Get out, grab your friends and have some fun riding. No need for time frames or metrics. Go hard if you want or don’t!
  • Practice good posture on our bike. Good habits now breed a good set up when training kicks back in.
  • Do some cyclo-cross or mountain biking.


  • The first two points from cycling can apply to running.
  • Running takes the biggest toll on the body. Take some time off.
  • When running-run tall. Cue into other good habits to make them automatic by 2016.


  • Take classes you normally wouldn’t. Whether it is a yoga, pilates or a boot camp class. Go out and do something new.
  • Let loose a bit. Triathletes are known for being a bit serious. About everything. Have fun. Splurge. Spend time with family & friends. Eat ice cream. Everyday. I recommend Gelato Fiasco.
  • Get some rest. Take care of yourself and the people around you.

Heather and I are looking forward to our first full winter here in Maine-snowshoeing, cross country skiing and maybe some fat biking!

Copyright © 2016 Todd Larlee